My Top 5 YouTube “Motivational” Gems

Before a run, whether it is a training session or a race, I will often peruse YouTube for something to help me get fired up – particularly if I am not really “feeling it” that day. Sometimes a song will do the trick, other times it takes something more.

There is an ever-expanding library of videos available to spend countless hours watching when we should often be doing other things. Fortunately, some of these happen to be incredibly inspiring / motivating.

I’ve picked out my current Top 5, and I have probably watched some of these 100s of times.

#5 – “Never, Ever Give Up”

#4 – “Unite!” (the relevance of this speech even today amazes me)

#3 – “When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”

#2 – “Be Great, Be Powerful Beyond Measure”

#1 – “I Am A Champion!”

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