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Training Week 2 – 22.4.13


Monday Rest post marathon, except for a cycle to/from work, felt okay

Tuesday AM. 5 miles with 6 x 150m on Hailsham Rec.
PM. Light Foam Roller work PM.

Wednesday AM. 3 miles tempo @ 5.53, 5.44, 6.26. Last minute run with no prep and pants route! All sub 6 next time. Garmin
PM. Circuits 1 hour.

Thursday AM. 4 miles tempo @ 6.29, 6.12, 6.09, 6.13. Garmin
PM. Track Session, 6x600m (90s recovery)

PM. 6miles steady with Craig. Garmin

AM. 10 x ( 200m on, 200m recovery)


Weekly Summary
Mileage – 20

Training Week 1 – 15.4.13

Hello world,

So I’ve decided to start a new blog, as part of a new year’s resolution for which I wanted to record & plan my training more strictly. So this is it.

To date, 2013 has been a little up and down with regards to running, mainly due to me being hit by a number of cold/flu viruses (4 since January!?) – however I am hopefully over the worst of all that now. Blood tests at the Docs came back fine so it is just a combination of bad luck and not taking care of my immune system. Lauren for one has had enough of my “irritating coughs”, and by this she means it is irritating for her rather than me.

14.4.13 – Brighton Marathon – Trainer issue (write up coming later), and got cramp in my left calf at mile 3 – disaster!! Other than that, and having to “heelstrike” alot more, I felt OK until mile 16 at which point I suffered alot. I guess I hit the wall, and psychologically this was tough, facing 10 miles still to go. Stopped and walked alot, got overtaken alot, but tried to remain positive and kept up 9-10m miling for the remainder. Just wanted to finish!!

Garmin - mile 18 onwards, ouch.

Week Beginning 15.4.13

Following the Brighton Marathon 2013 I felt pretty shot up in my legs so I didn’t do much running that week.  Monday/Tuesday were interesting, hobbled everywhere!

Tuesday – A 3.7 mile jog round the town on Tuesday to run a few errands was enough and I still couldn’t walk that evening.

Wednesday – Able to walk & tackle stairs properly.

Thursday – Light sports massage helped loosen my legs up, was able to walk.

Saturday – 2 miles walk/jog with Freedom Runners & Bowling in the evening – tried to rest up for VLM.

Sunday – London Marathon 2013, Felt much more confident than the previous week and set off with the 3:30 pacer. Pretty much stayed with them around 8:00/mile, give or take a few seconds, and finished in 3:29. Final mile felt very strong and even picked up a sprint finish past Andrew Strauss at the finish line (unknowingly at the time).


Finishing Sprint BBC Coverage – pink vest at 00:35

Mileage – 57

So that’s it for now! I will probably try and consolidate Training updates to one post per week, with posts interspersed.

Interview with Sussex Express today regarding my Marathon of Marathons Challenge. I am 2/26. Updates on all this to follow!